Safeguarding Prayer

Lord Jesus we praise you for calling us to the service of others. 
We pray for a generosity of spirit to ensure the vulnerable are protected.
We pray for a compassionate heart so that we will reach out to those who are wounded by abuse.
We pray for courage and determination as we seek the safety of everyone in our parish communities.
We dedicate ourselves to this work of service and pray that you will help us to do your will at all times and in all places.



Safeguarding training


The Church of England is committed to encouraging an environment where all people and especially those who may be vulnerable for any reason are able to worship and pursue their faith journey with encouragement and in safety. Everyone, whether they see themselves as vulnerable or not, will receive respectful pastoral ministry recognizing any power imbalance within such a relationship.

To meet this need the diocese requires that anyone who has a role within the church is trained to an appropriate level.


Currently there are four levels of training;

Module C0: Individuals who may need to have a basic awareness of safeguarding and for anyone interested in how

the Church approaches safeguarding work. These might include anyone who has a role in the church including parents

and helpers.

Module C1: is for helpers and workers who assist in parish life and events but are not responsible for leading them. These might include servers, administrative staff, bell ringers, pastoral visitors, welcomers.

Module C2: this is for all leaders of children’s and adult activities and churchwardens (also music director, organist, home visitors, choir leaders, safeguarding co-ordinators

Module C3: clergy


What you have to do

Module C0: go online to register and then complete the online course. Print out your certificate and notify our safeguarding co-ordinator.

Module C1: being developed

Module C2: this is a face-to-face course with trainers. There will be opportunities to attend local courses on weekdays, evenings or weekends. The course will take about three hours.

You will need to complete Module C0 first and then register on one of the courses at