5th Sunday at All Saints'


Songs of Praisesongs of praise

Do you have a favourite hymn or worship song? Do you find yourself saying, “Why don’t we ever sing that one?” Well, now’s your chance! When there are 5 Sundays in a month, which happens 3 or 4 times a year, the 5th Sunday will be a ‘Songs of Praise’ service. All you have to do to have your favourite hymn or song considered is to write your choice on a piece of paper, with the reason why it is so special to you.  Put your suggestion in an envelope marked “Songs of Praise” with your name and a contact number and post it in the letterbox at The Galleon, 1 High Street [otherwise known as Mittell’s]

The only condition for having your choice sung during one of these services is that you MUST be at the service yourself and be prepared to either tell us the reason for your choice yourself or have the service leader read out your reason for you. There will be “reserve” hymns should people be unavoidably prevented from being at the service.


Frances Aubrey, Worship Leader

songs of praise