Prayer is a deeply personal matter. It’s difficult to explain to others.

We all do it but we tend to keep it to ourselves. I write this partly to reassure you that what you are doing is right ~ and also to suggest some pointers that might help.

If you look in Luke’s Gospel (Ch11; 1-13) Jesus gives us some hints. Two things stand out. They are really important. Firstly, we must have a close, personal, intimate friendship with God. He is our friend. Nothing can change that. Secondly, we must persist in our prayers. Keep asking. Again and again.

If we use prayer wisely it is an amazing resource. Below is a list of eight things which might help you understand its potential;

  • Everything we have is in God’s gift. If we need something prayer is a great way of getting it
  • When you need to fix a difficult situation prayer is a good way of starting
  • When you feel vulnerable, scared or weak prayer can help you face difficult situations. There are no mistakes in prayer.
  • You can pray whenever and wherever you want ~ God is always listening 24/7
  • Prayer can bring comfort when you need that reassurance
  • Prayer can be a way of leading you along a better path
  • Prayer has a way of finding solutions when you didn’t know there could even be answers
  • Prayer has the ability to make the impossible possible! Nothing is beyond the reach of prayer.

So have that conversation! God is always listening.