St Peter's Church wardens report

  News from the Churches  St Peter’s  

  A Happy New Year to you All –  a year which has started with the foundations for the New Hall being laid.  There is still a lot of fundraising to do before completion in June – so if you haven’t signed up to easy funding then please do it doesn’t cost you a penny but helps us.  Also don’t forget the loose change jar – we were very grateful to a member of the local community who saved all her loose change £55 for us – total raised over 2 years in this way £1966 – Thank you.

  A new year social was held on the 11th – thanks to all who came and supported - to Rev Jacky & Alice for organising. As usual there was enough food to feed the 5,000.

  The first Market of 2020 will be a Clearance Market on the 8th February – many bargains to be had..

  During February we will be praying for all living in Lade Fort Close & Lade Fort Crescent  and for the work of Mission Aviation Fellowship in  South Sudan, World Health, Kenya, Papua New Guinea & Uganda.

  May we take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all who have helped within the fellowship during the past year – to musicians, florists, readers, intercessors, welcomers, refreshment makers to name but a few and thank you to you all for your friendship, generosity and fellowship which makes St Peter’s such a special place. May you all go into 2020 making Christ the centre of your lives and letting his light shine in this neighbourhood.

  And finally this Leap Year if you haven’t already done so then why not take a Leap of Faith and invite Jesus into your Life – you won’t regret it.

                                                                                 Alison & Tricia