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In last month’s Magazine you may have read the important but prosaic account of the Quinquennial process for maintaining and enhancing the structure of All Saints’ church. However, the prime purpose of the church is, of course spiritual, religious Christian. Given that we are approaching the second of the major Christian festivals [complete details given elsewhere in this Magazine] it is perhaps appropriate to review some of the recent events in the life of the church and the nation that are accommodated within the life of All Saints’.

October 21st, for example, was the celebration of two early Christian martyrs, Crispin and Crispianus, executed for their faith some 1800 years ago. Interestingly, there was a long-held belief that these two saints were buried in heaps of stone either side of the then-existing harbour of New Romney. These piles were known as the Great Stone and the Little Stone. The heaps no longer exist: their names are preserved in the two coastal areas.

Of course there were the sombre but magnificent commemorations of November 11th, a nationwide recognition of one of the most terrible wars in history and as a memory of the many who gave their lives in that awful conflict. Perhaps you wore your poppy with pride and saw the wonderful displays of poppies in local churches [our thanks to all those producing such magnificent presentations] and, indeed, across the country and the world. It seems such a short time since the wonderful display in 2014 in the moat of the Tower of London that remembered the opening of World War One.

All Saints’ has welcomed other events, some linked to the WW1 commemorations. An excellent choral concert was hosted by EDF and the Hayward Singers on October 27th, entitled ‘Last Night of the Proms’. [This was a return visit, by popular acclaim].There was the Service [over 470 attendees] and subsequent March on November 11th, culminating in the Laying of the Wreaths in the Memorial Gardens; pity about the rain. The band of the Gurkha regiment will be giving a free concert on December 1st, sponsored by Lydd Town Council. There will, of course, be Carol services at Christmastide.

Separately, there have been several visits of bell-ringers from outside Lydd. A craft group meets every Thursday morning and has produced magnificent items. You may have noticed that the wildlife area to the south of All Saints’, home to [at least] three rare plants, has been mown over: this will come back to life again in the spring.

We would like to express our support and best wishes for Joanna, our Community Warden, who we understand is unwell at this time. We thank her for her sterling efforts in Lydd.

May we wish all a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.






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