All Saints' Church Wardens reports


One of the drawbacks of the timing of any submission to this [and any other magazine, I suppose] is that you can point ahead to events/services/visits/discoveries but then feel unable to comment on them properly as, by the time you read this, they are part of LAST month’s activities. Without that facility, I might just end up with a recapitulation of building and fabric works inside-and-outside of All Saints’, or a calendar of matters and items already covered elsewhere in the same Magazine.

So although I should talking about the month of June, I am going to break convention a tad by harking back to wonderful things from May and then including [amongst other things] a significant event from June that had a great impact on Lydd and, indeed, on all of us.

Firstly, Holy Week at Easter-tide – the most significant time in this or any other Christian church/parish. There was Palm Sunday [with the flower guild’s customary wonderful imitation palm trees], the Messy Church’s contributions to Good Friday, the high service on Easter Sunday – and the glorious cross-benefice Easter Vigil at St Augustine’s in Brookland, graced by the presence of Justin Welby, our Archbishop of Canterbury – the latter being an event we could not ‘advertise’ in the May Magazine. But very special, nevertheless.

Ahead lies summer, good weather [we hope], school half-terms, increased visitor numbers. And six days into the month there is the anniversary of D-Day, June 6th, 1944: the liberation of Europe from the utter evils of the Nazis, a time when Lydd and its hinterland was the base for vast numbers of international troops and the hub of the vital PLUTO submarine fuel pipe-line. Doubtless even after all these years there are still people in the area with memories of those perilous and wonderful times: certainly there were many church services in this stunning, ancient building. The war memorial here records the ultimate sacrifices made for our freedom and for the freedom of others. Another chapter in history of which Lydd can be justly proud.

More mundanely, there are building/decorating/window works to be completed inside the building; the wild-flower garden [God’s Acre] has just burst into glory; there will be the Club Day service, this year occurring on Pentecost [Whitsunday] the third most significant day in the Christian calendar. We welcome the Mayor and all special visitors on that day. The summer weather means you can look forward to Fairs and Fayres, to Parachuting-Teddy Day, to your own personal holiday time. Enjoy!.

ps: we are permitted two Parish Wardens: if nothing else it would make for a different kind of monthly Report.

Christopher Aubrey.