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January gets its name from an ancient Roman deity [Janus] with two heads, one looking backwards, one looking forwards: which is where we are now.

 As a review, we would like to thank everyone involved in our many Christmas events – the school with its excellent Nativity concert, the 500 people who came to Christingle, the superb display on ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ [our thanks to the Flower Guild], the Nativity diorama [thanks to Messy Church], the Christmas tree in the churchyard [thanks to Lydd Town Council] and the many attendees in our series of services celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

By the time you read this, we will have incorporated within the Holy Communion service of January 27th a special commemoration for Holocaust Memorial Day, as many churches and organisations across the world will have done. Remembering the horrors of WW2 and subsequent acts of evil, we hope that the message of the angels in Bethlehem of “Peace on Earth and Good Will to all men” will hold good for all our futures.

And we can now look forward to the many events already planned for 2019 in All Saints’: they include the traditional May Day Craft Fayre and Heron Watch [May 6], a concert linked with JAM-on-the-Marsh [July 5], the Summer Fayre with the Teddy Bear Parachute Jump [July 13], repeat visits from choirs, bell-ringing groups, the Council’s Brass Band concert [November 16]. The wild garden area [God’s Acre], with its rare plants, will once again burst into flower around the south wall.

And best of all, the Parish will be welcoming a new Curate [details elsewhere].

This is an astonishing building with an unique history. Its religious and spiritual background is impeccable. It is also a joy to see it being used more and more for community activities for people of all faiths or none.

Be proud of your church. A Happy New Year to you all.

Pat Carter     Christopher Aubrey

Wardens reports
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