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All Saints’ Parish Church Wardens

Wardens’ Report from All Saints’ Lydd  - October


Now obviously autumn is upon us – the rain and wind are a bit of a give-away. This means of course that we at All Saints’ can look forward to Christmas, with all it means for Christians. We can also take pause and think of all the significant events in the Parish and the Benefice during the past summer months – the Fayres, the Music presentations, the Teddy Bears [with one imitating a famous politician’s efforts on a zip-wire] plus the many and varied visitors, from home and abroad, who have entered this magnificent building and commented on its calmness, its obvious sanctity, its history and the manifest centrality of our church for the people of the area.

Not all visitors, sadly, have felt the same respect for our church. The criminality of the recent vandals/burglars has saddened us – but, amazingly, there are good points to record. The fact that a dozen or more  young people from Lydd, few of them church-goers, came in and helped us to clean up the mess left behind, should demonstrate that there is good in all of us [Our thanks to them all]. The generosity of others since the incursion and the kind words given to Reverend Chris Maclean, have also impacted on us. That said, there will be considerable expenses laid upon All Saints’.

Chris, one of the Wardens, was fortunate enough to spend some time in France this summer [they had good and bad weather there too!]. He and Fran, his wife, have been looking for a church to join down there and were directed to a small Anglican community in the area. The information came from a Roman Catholic priest whom we met during a week-long pilgrimage he was undertaking with an ass. He has given over a beautiful 12th century church for we Protestants to use – a true sign of Christian charity and proof that though denominations and practices [and language] may differ the commonality of the Christian message and comradeship transcends other differences.


Deputy Wardens from St Peter’s  

  Another successful Market was held in August raising a further £440.70 for Church Funds – we are very grateful to everyone who works so hard and for those who support the markets and which helps to keep St Peter’s afloat We hope you didn’t miss the September Market, the next one which will be on the 14th October will have Christmas goods for sale –so don’t miss it!! (see separate poster)..

  Thanks to everyone who sponsored Brian, Val & Alison as they took part in the Kent Ride & Stride – more details on the amount they raised next month, meanwhile congratulations to them on their achievements..
  As you read this the Greatstone School will on the 29th September been to celebrate Harvest at our church and we will be celebrating on the 1st October. It’s lovely to have the children come to church to thank God for the harvest and we are grateful to them for the gifts they bring which along with ours go to support the work of the Rainbow Centre.  All money raised from the Harvest Lunch will go to the Diocesan Appeal.

  On the 28th October we will be having another Big Breakfast in aid of the new Church Hall Project  (see separate advert also separate article on where we are at present with the project)
  During October we will continue to pray for the work of M.A.F. in assisting in Response to Disasters, Chad, Madagascar and Myanmar. This year the MAF Day of Prayer has stretched from a Sunday in October to a week from the 29th October – the 5th November – further literature will be available in the church.
Also for those living in The Parade -  if you know anyone living there who would value our prayers or would like a visit, then please let us know so we can pray particularly for them.

Also if you know of anyone in the fellowship/community who is sick or unable to leave their home and would like a visit or be included on a prayer list please let us know.

                                                                                      Alison & Tricia